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Q[Period] How long can I rent the space?


Rental is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., which is the operating hours of Citizens Hall. 

The rental period for an event includes the time for preparation and evacuation the event.

Q[Application] What is standard for the available schedule for rental application?


Please see the rental status calendar on the Citizens Hall homepage for the in-house programs of Citizens Hall and approve rentals.

For more details on rental availability, please fill out your desired schedule and location on the "Rental Application", and through "Check Duplicated Schedule" process.

Q[Citizens Hall Artist] What is Citizens Hall Artist?


Around 70 teams selected through audition are currently active as .

Citizens who are interested in Citizens Hall Artists may take advantage of audition.

Q[Application] What is the detail procedure of rental application?


Please send in your rental application via the Citizens Hall homepage.

The detail procedure is as follows:

1. Check the available schedule and location on the Citizens Hall homepage in the "Rental Application" section, and apply online.

2. The person in charge of rental will check your online application and email you information related to rental.

3. The person in charge of rental will check your online application and email you information related to rental.

4. The operating team will review documents provided, notify you of approval availability and draw up the rental agreement based on the finalized details.

5. Remit the rental fee shown in the rental agreement to the specified bank account (※ See the Rental Agreement)

6. The process of the rental event on the day (Check fixtures and equipment in advance)

7. Completion of removal is checked after the event is over.

Q[Approval] What are the evaluation criteria for rental approval?


Rental is prohibited if your rental event falls under the "not for rent' scope in accordance with the rental policy provided in the rental guide page.

Your event will be approved if it accords with the purpose of Citizens Hall, an open space for citizens

Q[Approval] When can I check the rental approval status?


You can check the approval status within 5-8 days from the application submission and you will be contacted and guided individually to follow-up procedures in detail thereafter.

Q[Payment] How can I pay the rental fee?


A rental event that has been confirmed will be finalized after review of related matters through a rental contract and basic rental plan (formats available to download) and the payment should be remitted to the specified bank account with the payment period specified.

Whether you're eligible for a rental wavier will be determined and the result will be notified to the individual or group separately.

Q[Discount] What are the rental feel wavier and discount policies of Seoul City?


The rental fee is fully waived if the event is hosted by Seoul City.

Events supported by Seoul City and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture can enjoy a 50% waver of the rental fee.

Discounts for other events are subject to approval of the Citizens Hall Operation Advisory Committee.

Q[Period] What are the rental hours?


Rental is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in accordance with the operating hours of Citizens Hall.

(Rental hours reservation, including preparation and evacuation)

However, rental service is restricted on Mondays as it is the regular non-opening day of Citizens Hall.

Q[How to use] How do I use additional facilities after I rent a space?


After rental has been approval, details of the event, plans, schedules will be discussed according to the basic rental plan you submitted.

You can include in the plan equipment, fixtures, and facilities that you need.

The organizer will send you confirmation according to your plan and equipment facility request details.

A facility service fee is included in the rental fee.

Q[How to use] I would like to know about table settings after I rent a space.


By rule, the person who rented the space should be responsible for installation and removal related to rental.

Table settings, such as fixtures and allocation, also need to be handled by the renter.

Citizens Hall's operating team will perform general supervision for installation and removal procedures.

Q[Citizens Hall Artist] How can I become a Citizens Hall artist?


Citizens Hall Artists are subject to revoking of qualification due to individual status and long periods of inactivity.

You may download an application from our homepage and fill out the application according to the instruction.

You can become a member of Citizens Hall Artists once you are selected through document and video screening.

Q[Citizens Hall Artists] Can I have more information about Citizens Hall Artist performance?


There are two types of performance.

First, the Vitality Concert is held at the Open Lounge in Citizens Hall, daily at 12 noon, and 12 p.m.-7 p.m. on weekends.

Second, apply for the Baseurak Concert and watch the performance at Baseurak Hall every third Saturday at 4 p.m.

Tickets are issued in front of Baseurak Hall on the day at 2 p.m. in order of arrival and there is no admission fee.

You can also apply for the ticket in advance on the Citizens Hall homepage

(application available two weeks prior to the concert).

Q[Baseurak Concert] What does the concert features?


The concert is mainly focused on Citizens Hall artists.

Performance of various genres, such as cappella, indie rock, traditional music, jazz, etc.  are featured every third Saturdays.

Q[Baseurak Concert] How can I enjoy the concert?


You can participate online or on-site.

Online reservation begins on Saturday two weeks prior to a given performance on the Citizens Hall homepage for 100 people (in order of application).

To participate onsite, the organizer will affix stamps on visitors in front of Baseurak Hall (30 people in order of arrival) at 2:00 p.m., on the day of performance. 

The concert is free for visitors.

Q[Vitality Concert] Who are the artists participating in the Vitality Concert?


Around 50 acts selected through audition are currently active .

They comprise various genres, including jazz, band, rap, Ocarina, 7080, dance, handcraft, and hands-on programs.

The Vitality Concert is a permanent feature of the Open Lounge, with performances daily at 12 noon, and 12 p.m.-7 p.m. on weekends.

QWhat kind of space is Citizens Hall's gallery?


Galleries in Citizens Hall display paintings, sculptures, installations, and a variety of other works, including projects based on storytelling exhibitions demonstrating urban Seoul and the lives of Seoul Citizens, and citizen participation.

QWhat are the gallery operating hours and how much is the admission fee?


The gallery and Citizens Hall have the same operating hours.

Operating Hours: Gallery entry is free from 09:00-21:00; however, special exhibitions, workshops, and other experience programs can be paid events.

QCan I take photos in the gallery?


You can take pictures in all the exhibition spaces in Citizens Hall.

However, care should be taken not to interfere with the experience of other visitors.

QCan I get docent's help for exhibitions?


Docents are available for projected exhibitions.

Exhibitions that provide docents will be announced on the homepage, including tour and time information.

Q[Training/Hands-on] What are the training and hands-on programs?


Citizens Hall's training & hands-on programs include special training and hands-on experience programs according to time, such as Everyone is an Artist and Kids' Theater,

1."Everyone is an Artist" is a program displaying works created through art education and the training is held by secession.

2. "Kids' Theater" is on every Sunday at 2 p.m., showing animation according to a monthly theme. 

3. Special training/hands-on programs" are conducted during summer/winter vacations, Children's Day, and the Independence Movement Day.

QWhen can I apply for the [Everyone is an artist] program?


The program will be open through the homepage 10 days before the program starts.

* If the expected opening day is Monday, a non-opening day program will be opened on Tuesday.

QHow are applicants selected for the [Everyone is an artist] program?


The number of applicants selected is different depending on the programs and selection is based on the order in which applications are received through the homepage in the number of applicants announced.

Q[Everyone is an artist] How do I lodge applications for others?


You cannot participate in one-time hands-on program more than once.

You can apply for up to two people, including yourself, in the applicant's ID. 

* If you're a parent and using your ID, you can apply for up to two children using your ID, but you cannot take part in the hands-on program yourself.

Q[Training/Hands-on] After I apply for the program, how do I check the status of my application?


Please go to tab at the top of the homepage to check your application status.

※ Also, we will send you a text message before the program starts.

QWhat kind of event is ?


The organizer pursues the "small but meaningful wedding ceremony" concept to reduce the negative effects of the existing wedding culture that are mental and financial burdens for little more than vanity.

Seoul City awaits soon-to-be-married couples who wish to participate in the Beautiful Wedding Culture Improvement campaign.

QHow big is the ceremony location and occupancy?


The space is located in the 2nd basement in Taepyeong Hall in Citizens Hall, and the outdoor park of the Seoul Institute also features outdoor a wedding ceremony space.

Each space can accommodate around 100 guests.

QHow much is the Citizens Hall Wedding Ceremony fee?


It is a fix fee of KRW 127,600 for the internal space in Citizens Halls (Taepyeong Hall, Event Hall, and Public Square), including fixtures.

QWhat is Citizens Hall Wedding Ceremony like?


We offer a classy wedding ceremony with your own special story, not lacking variety; a thoughtful wedding ceremony that puts environment first, sharing and contribution; a family event in a special space with a leisurely environment; the characteristics of the wedding ceremony is tasteful and conservative, eliminating social waste and unnecessary processes.

QHow do I lodge a wedding ceremony application?


The "small but meaningful wedding ceremony" of Citizens Hall will be announced once in the first half and the second half of each year.

Applications are accepted via our homepage.

QWhat are the applicant criteria for Citizens Hall Wedding Ceremony?


The organizer will review whether the applicant matches the purpose of the project, including submitted application and wedding ceremony planning.

In addition, married-to-be training completion, Seoul resident status, wedding day, and application order are considered for review and points and a wedding master will be allocated accordingly.

QWho are the partner companies of Citizens Hall Wedding Ceremony?


Citizens Hall has selected seven partnership companies based on social corporation and non-profit organizations that seek for environmentally-friendly, small and tasteful ceremonies that comply with the organizer's basic needs.

Our partners will help you realize your dreaming wedding ceremony.

QDoes the ceremony applicant have to prepare for the wedding, including dress, make-up, and photos?


It would be difficult to prepare all the necessities for individual needs; therefore, some wedding ceremony partner companies can help the applicant based on personal preference. Wedding costs will be according to ceremony requirements are to be borne by the applicant.

QHow do I get information related to Citizens Hall wedding ceremonies?


You can get more information about Citizens Hall Wedding Ceremony through online media, namely the Citizens Hall Homepage, Naver Café and Blog, and Facebook.

QIs there a guide book for the wedding ceremonies?


Please visit the Citizens Hall home page and open the "Wedding Ceremony Guide" of Citizens Wedding Ceremony to download the *PDF file.

Information is also available at Seoul Bookstore in Citizens Hall.

Q[Participation] Are there any program participation fees?


Most performances and lectures held in Citizens Hall are free of charge.

However, you might need to purchase materials for training classes and hands-on experience events.

(To be announced in advance)

QAre the parking lots and fees?


When visiting Citizens Hall, you may use the underground parking lot of Seoul City Hall.

However, please use public transportation as there is not enough parking spaces.

▶ Parking Fees: KRW 1,000 per 10-minute (The fee is imposed from 09:00-18:00 daily)

▶Vehicles that have the "Self Carfree Day" electronic tag attached on their windshield are allowed to use parking spaces.

※The last-digit number system for out-of-town cars: Mon. (1,6), Tue. (2,7), Wed. (3,8), Thur. (4,9), Fri. (5,0)  

QWhat are the operating hours of Citizens Hall?


Operating Hours: 09:00-21:00 (closed on Mondays)

Q[Kids Theater] How do I use the theater service?


The [Kids Theater] is an on-site application program.

Numbered tickets are issued at the information desk in order of arrival starting from 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.

The program will be shown in the Public Square.

Q[Saturdays are for Visiting Citizens Hall (cheong(聽)] What does Saturdays are for Visiting Citizens Hall - cheong feature?


A representative event of Citizens Hall, held on the last Sunday of every month, features a variety of cultural experiences, including unique performance and campaigns with a theme on various aspects of Seoul, and political forums with citizens.

QAre wedding ceremonies possible on Saturdays only?


The "small but meaningful wedding ceremony" of Citizens Hall is held once every Sunday. The ceremony was held on Saturdays in 2014, but the schedule has been changed to Sundays from 2015.We recommend those who planned for wedding ceremony at Citizens Hall to check the changed schedule.

Q[Saturdays are for Visiting Citizens Hall(cheong(聽)] What id the Communication Concert?


One of the lecture programs of Saturdays are for Visiting Citizens Hall, the typical event of Citizens Hall held in Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., and Oct. .

Lecturers from a variety of fields and citizens gather on stage to share in a set topic of discussion.

Q[Saturdays are for Visiting Citizens Hall(cheong(聽)] How can I watch the Communication Concert?


The concert is held at 4 p.m. on the last Saturday of the month at Open Lounge. 

The lounge is an open space and there is no entrance or exit.

Please come to Citizens Hall and enjoy the programs as you please.

However, seats are limited, so we suggest you arrive before 3 p.m., as seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Q[Talk about policy] What kind of program is this?


is a program that collects fresh ideas that could bring happy changes to the everyday lives of Seoul citizens.

Selected ideas will be systemized and suggested to Seoul's city administration through development workshops.

Q[Talk about policy] When will the suggested opinion be applied to administrative policy?


Policy opinions selected through idea proposal and presentation will be transferred to Seoul City for review.

Also, a selected person will receive a cash prize from Seoul City.

Q[Sarangbang Workshop] What kinds of programs are there?


The workshop program allows citizens to talk about all types of issues in their daily lives and put them in various cultural contexts.

The workshop is divided into that handles urban problems during the first half year and in which participants can film movies via smartphone video producing workshop during the later half of the year.

All works created through the workshop will be displayed in Citizens Hall.

Q[Sarangbang Workshop] How to participate.


New recruiting will be announced on the homepage and blog three weeks prior to commencement of the program.

You can apply for the two programs by email.

Please download and fill out the application attached on the post and email it to us to complete the registration process.