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Fun Activity


Talking About Policies (Policy Café)

This program offers citizens the opportunity to raise everyday issues and submit policy ideas in a public contest. Selected issues will be complemented and improved through the policy improvement workshop, and then reviewed for their potential as a policy devised by citizens and the relevant city department.

‘Sarangbang’ Workshop

This workshop program allows citizens to participate in discussions about major and minor issues in their daily lives and in the creation of cultural contents together. The workshop holds the Urban Photo Exhibition and the Urban Film Festival under the me of “images of Seoul City” and other topics.

Citizens Hall Academy

Citizens Hall Academy is a program that provides educational opportunities to citizens, such as lectures in the humanities and discussion-based lectures on diverse topics of potential interest to citizens.

※ Please apply at the Seoul Lifelong Learning Portal site. (Contact: +82-1599-3665)

Saturdays Are for Visiting Citizens Hall (cheong(聽))

This representative program of the Citizens Hall, held on the last Saturday of each month, introduces a variety of performances, including the Sharing Concert and the Humanities Concert, a new concept of ‘talk concert’.


Sharing Housekeeping Market

Every weekend citizens display and sell handicrafts and daily necessities at this sharing housekeeping market. This alternative type of market, where citizens can share and communicate stories about their lives and culture, proposes a health consumption culture. Any citizen who wishes to participate in the market can apply through the Citizens Hall home page.

※ TIP! Citizens can sell their recycled goods directly at the market.

Vitality Concert

This permanent performance program is presented by ‘Citizens Hall Artists’ who are selected by audition. Every day at noon diverse genres of arts performances and concerts including music, theater, and mime are presented at the Vitality Concert.

※ Who are Citizens Hall Artists? Citizens Hall Artists are selected by audition. Currently, some fifty teams of citizen artists are active. Any citizen who is interested in becoming a ‘Citizens Hall Artist’ can apply for an open audition.

Baseurak Concert

On the third Saturday of each month, special performances are given by outstanding Citizens Hall Artists. The Baseurak Concert is open to anyone who wants to attend. Prior application is available at the Citizens Hall home page.


Anyone can be an artist!

This program offers citizens an opportunity to be an artist by creating their own artworks at art classes (including carpentry and caricature drawing) and displaying them in Citizens Hall.


Citizens Gallery

The Citizens Gallery organizes special exhibitions and general exhibitions of diverse genres of art including paintings, sculptures, installation art, and media. The gallery also serves as a citizen-participatory space offering experience programs related to the exhibitions.

Sound Gallery

This gallery focuses on exhibitions related to sound art under the theme of Seoul City or citizens’ messages. Citizens can appreciate sound contents collected and transmitted by a surround sound recording system (5.1 channel) via powerful speakers.

Cloud Gallery

Media works created under the theme of Seoul City are played on 45 monitors installed on the ceiling of the Citizens Plaza.

Media Wall and Scribble Table

This media wall equipped with 66 monitors displays videos and presents citizen-participatory projects. Citizens’ artworks created at the scribble table located in front of the media wall are displayed on the monitors in real time.

Community Art Project

This program offers children an opportunity to create artworks with artists and see them displayed in the Citizens Hall.