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  • Facilities Introduction

Facilities Introduction

1st Basement Level

Citizens Hall & Seoul City Tourism Information Center

A comprehensive information center introduces the facilities of Citizens Hall, programs, and application processes and also features a tourism information center offering tour and performance information for Seoul City.

Citizens Hall Gallery

Various special exhibitions of paintings, installation art, cartoons, and recycled art works are planned under diverse themes once or twice each month.

Media Wall and Scratch Table

This media wall equipped with 66 monitors displays videos and presents citizen-participatory projects. Citizens’ artworks created at the scratch table located in front of the media wall are displayed on the monitors in real time.

Cloud Gallery

This special exhibition space consists of several monitors installed on the ceiling of the Plaza. They display images of Seoul City and images of Seoul Citizens’ daily life.

City Gallery

This gallery shares the history of Seoul, the construction process of the new City Hall building, and many other stories about Seoul.

Sound Gallery

This exhibition space is equipped with a surround sound system to enable citizens to appreciate resonant or reverberating sounds, symbolizing Citizens Hall’s function as a "courtyard” where citizens’ voices are heard.

Open Lounge

This open space designed for relaxation and meetings holds various programs such as the Vitality Concert, and Saturdays Are for Visiting Citizens Hall! (cheong (聽)).

Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall

This exhibition hall displays some 590 artifacts including the sites of 45 buildings ranging from the Joseon Dynasty to modern times, and a bullanggijapo (the breech of a portable cannon of the Joseon Dynasty, Treasure No. 861-2), all of which were excavated during the construction of Seoul City Hall. The restored sites enable visitors to experience and understand various aspects of Korean history.

Citizens Plaza (B1)

Citizens Plaza, the largest multi-purpose space of Citizens Hall, is a venue for various citizen-participatory events such as the Sharing Housekeeping Market, Danuri Day, and exhibitions.

2nd Basement Level

Taepyeong Hall

Taepyeong Hall, which is a replica of the Taepyeong Hall of the old Seoul City Hall, holds various citizen-participatory activities including the "small but meaningful Citizens Hall Wedding Ceremony" and the Citizens Hall Academy.

Baseurak Hall

This multi-purpose space is equipped with audio visual equipment and a lighting system so that various citizen-participatory activities such as theater and concerts can be staged here.

Circle Room

This circular space equipped with a movable wall that can be opened and closed serves as a venue for small group activities including education and experience programs for Seoul citizens.

Workshop Room

This room is a citizen-participatory space that serves as a venue for the Sarangbang Workshops, Citizens Hall Academy, and Talk about policy.

Seoul Bookstore

Citizens Hall Seoul Bookstore is located in 1st basement next to the winding staircase. The bookstore sells books related to Seoul and books published by Seoul City. Seoul Bookstore is currently managed by Eastern Seoul Bookstore Cooperative. In 2004, the Cooperative signed a distribution agreement with Seoul for the municipal administrator's publications and also concluded an operating consignment agreement for Seoul Bookstore with Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture to take initiative in improving reading culture and prevalence of history and culture.

Status of Book Sales

Classification Booklet General Book Postcard Map
Type 500 type 650 type 14 type 5 type

Operation Condition


Store Operation

Sells publications and general books at Seoul Bookstore located on the 1st basement level inside Seoul City Hall's Citizens Hall. Address | Seoul City Hall Seoul Book Store 1st Basement, 110 Sejongdae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 간행물 판매센터

Seoul Publication Sales Center

Online sales center for administrative policy publications published by Seoul. URL | https://store.seoul.go.kr

간행물 유통

Distribution of Publications

Distribution of administrative policy publications of Seoul to bookstores in and around Seoul and large on/offline bookstores.

Fair Trading Store Earth Town

Earth Town is a fair trading store. Fair trading is an international citizens' movement to help improve the lives of workers, and the quality of products in developing countries in solidarity through fair and ethical trading. It is also an ethical consumer movement that ensures free trading markets reflect their business ideology upon those organizations that sacrifice people and the environment for profits, as well as a social and economic movement toward a sustainable alternative community.

Partner Organizations

  • 어스맨(EARTH MAN) 로고


  • icoop생협사업연합회 로고

    icoop Society

  • 얼굴있는거래 로고

    Fair Face

  • (재)아름다운커피 로고

    Beautiful Coffee

  • (주)페어스토리 로고

    The Fair Story

  • 두레에이피넷(APNet) 로고


  • (주)페어트레이드코리아그루 로고

    Fair Trade Guru

  • 기아대책 로고

    Hunger Saver

  • 아시아공정무역네트워크 로고

    Asia Fair-trade Network

  • 공정무역 피스커피(Peace Coffee) 로고

    Peace Coffee

World's Fair Trading Products

  • Teas

    black tea, Earl Grey, Masala chai

  • coffee

    coffee beans, raw coffee beans, drip bags, tea bags, coffee mix

  • a variety of eateries

    organic sugar, chocolate, olive oil, pepper, cashew nuts, dried mango

  • clothes

    one-piece, T-shirt, boleros, culottes pants, innerwear, blouse

  • general commodities

    mufflers, hats, bags and various pouches, soap

  • accessories

    brooches and earrings

  • A variety of product range of approximately 200 items

    soccer balls for training and games

  • Sales Hours

    09:00 ~ 20:00

A space of communication and culture

  • Sewing and recycling workshop for the general public

  • Natural candle making workshop for the general public and teenagers

  • n parathion of a new energy saving program Candle Day for a sustainable society

  • Career exploration program for teenagers

  • Earth Village Gallery's new monthly stories and exhibition


I-Market-SEOUL-U is a joint sales store provided by SBA and supported by Seoul that provides outlets for social consideration businesses. I-Market-SEOUL-U is a small business shop in the main commercial area of Seoul and was launched in August 2012 through a consignment agreement between Seoul and SBA.

More than 10,000 citizens have visited the 1st Danuri branch, which was opened in January 2013 in the basement of new Seoul City Hall building and has since established itself as a typical store of social consideration businesses. Danuri is now operated in three locations with the 2nd Danuri branch having opened in Cheongdam-dong, center Gangnam, and the 3rd Danuri branch in Seongbuk-gu.

‘The motif of "Danuri" is "to enjoy happiness together by encouraging small businesses and practice the values of sharing and consideration. Each store features a sophisticated interior to cater to customers and strives to boost the image of small businesses. Seoul and SBA continue to work together to broaden markets of excellent small businesses through cooperation with outside private firms and public institutes, beyond Danuri shops.

All profits of Danuri are reinvested into small businesses.

  • Social Consideration Businesses : A small business with less than 50 employees, creating social values, such as youth businesses, women entrepreneurs, and social enterprises.
  • I-Market-SEOUL-U | +82-2-2038-2114

Main Project

  • Grant the Danuri brand

    Grant the Danuri brand certified by Seoul to companies moving into Danuri branch

  • Operation of joint sales outlet

    Sales outlet for products of promising companies in Seoul(Citizens Hall, Gangnam and Seongbuk branches)

  • Distribution expansion with foreign cooperation

    Distribution expansion of products of promising companies through cooperation between public institutes and private firms

  • Job creation by utilizing middle-man

    Career opportunities for job seekers through promotion and sales support of Danuri products

Store Status

  • Location1st Basement City Hall
  • Area65 pyeong
  • Month OpenedJan, 2013
  • FeatureEvent, test store
Classification Cultural Products (Handcrafts, stationery) Miscellaneous Goods (Wallets, bags) Daily Commodities (Bedroom, kitchen) Beauty, design (cosmetics, design products) Miscellaneous (Idea products)
95 34 6 6 30 19


1st Basement Level

2nd Basement Level