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  • Rental Guide

Rental Guide

Rental Guide

Rental Guide

As Citizens Hall is a citizens’ lifestyle courtyard shared and created by citizens, all the spaces of the hall can be rented to any citizen throughout the year.

Rental Rule

  • Citizens Hall can be rented anytime within the scope of activities not affecting Citizens Hall's operating programs.

  • You can apply for rental three months prior to the actual use date.


    Rental needed for May. 23 -> You can apply from Feb. 1

    Rental needed for Nov.15 -> You can apply from Aug. 1

  • Rental will be approved according to rental schedule of other spaces for smooth operation and to avoid noise between spaces.

  • Citizens can apply to use the hall on a three-month basis, and the application for hall rental is open on the first day of each month.

Operationg period and hour

Winter Season (November ~ February) Summer Season (March ~ October)
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Closed on January 1, Chinese New Year's Day, and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

Rental Facilities and Fees

Rental Facility

Facilities Location Floor Space(㎡) Availiable Equipment Major Function Capacity
Citizens Plaza A 1st Basement 200.00 Movable Walls Exhibitions, events -
Citizens Plaza B 60.00 Movable Walls Exhibitions, events -
Citizens Gallery 238.88 Partitions, lighting Exhibitions -
Taepyeong Hall 2st Basement 348.06 Projector, Movable audio system,tables, chairs Discussions, seminars 100
Baseurak Hall 285.60 stage, lighting, audio system Lectures, performances 100
Workshop Room 105.80 Projector, computers, microphones, tables, chairs Seminar, workshop 60
Circle Room 73.20 Projector, computers, microphones, tables, chairs Seminar, workshop 30
To check the status of device/appliances according to space, please download the Device and Material File on the right side.

Rental Fee Guide

Facilities Floor Size(㎡) Rate per Hour (KRW)
Citizens Plaza A 1st Basement 200.00 32,000
Citizens Plaza B 60.00 9,600
Citizens Gallery 238.88 40,000
Taepyeong Hall 2st Basement 348.06 58,000
Baseurak Hall 285.60 48,000
Workshop Room 105.80 18,000
Circle Room 73.20 13,000
Not including VAT The rental period includes the time for preparation evacuation. The costs of consumable goods. if equipment is used, should be paid by rental.

Rental Procedure

  • 01
    Rental Application

    Check the availability of each space of the hall(1~3 months prior to the date of use)

  • 02

    Screening of event content according to the rental regulations

  • 03
    Authorization Notice

    Notice of approval or rejection

  • 04
    Rental Contract

    Signing of a contract by date specified on the notice

  • 05
    Payment of Fees

    Payment to be made no later than 10 days before the date of use

  • 06
    Use of Facility

    Use facility

  • 07
    Inspection before vacating space

    Inspection by the user and the management team if Citizens Hall

Can apply 3 months to 10 days before use Please apply in advance with ample time because some time is required for the rental procedure (also for processing submitted documents).

Rental Application

  • Check application period and rental status and apply for rental through online.

  • The facilities can be rented anytime and rental schedule can be adjusted.

  • For events subject to rental fee wave, an official letter from the related organization is a must.


  • Screening will be conducted according to regulations, operating rules, and internal policies of Citizens Hall, and announced on the homepage or notified by email if approved.

    (To check on the homepage, please visit Citizens Hall homepage "Rental Check/Modify")

Rental Contract

Organizations approved for rental are required to provide the company seal, a copy of your business license registration (or copies of personal seal or residential registration of the CEO), including two copies of the contract for rental confirmation.

※ Precautions
  • 1. Rental is not allowed for - product presentation for commercial purposes, promotion events for sales activities and lectures, political assembly, protests, religious events, press conferences.
  • 2. Rental for more than two days should be applied for as a continuous date.
  • 3. Discuss with the operating team of Citizens Hall at least two weeks prior to event schedule date to ensure amicable progress.
  • 4. Rental schedule can be adjusted according to discussions.
  • ※ Prior discussion is required for event-related posters and other promotional materials related to rental
※ No phone calls or no on-site application