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Wedding Ceremony Guide

Small but meaningful "Citizens Hall Wedding Ceremony"

This "small but meaningful wedding ceremony" program is intended as an alternative to our extravagant contemporary wedding culture, which imposes an excessive financial burden on the parties concerned.

Every Saturday (One event / 4 hours)
※ Wedding ceremonies are held Every sunday since 2015.
·Guest Size
Approx. 70-100 guests.
·How to Apply
Apply on the homepage of Citizens Hall within the application period.
(check the homepage announcements in the early/end of the year)
You can access to the guidebook at Seoul Bookstore within Citizens Hall.

Available Ceremony Period

  • Citizens Hall : Once every Sunday.

  • The Seoul Institute : 2 weeks in Apr, 2 weeks in Jun. Sept. and Oct. / Once every Sunday.

Wedding Location

  • Citizens Hall : Taepyeong Hall, 2nd basement level.

  • The Seoul Institute : Open space in the rear yard of the Seoul Institute (the 1st level lobby in case of rain)

  • Service Fee : Citizens Hall (KRW 127,600), The Seoul Institute is free of charge.

Wedding Ceremony Application Procedure

  • 01
    Recruit/select applicants

    · Check the homepage announcement in the early/later part of the year

    · Evaluation and selection according to criteria (first-come, first-served, Seoul citizens, Married-to-be training, the project purpose and acceptability, etc.)

  • 02
    Meeting with applicants

    · Gathering of project purpose, procedure, guideline, agreement of applicants

    · Introduction to partner companies

  • 03
    Consulting and confirmation of partner companies

    · Partner company – Detailed consulting

    · Between occupants Confirmation and agreement / introduction to Citizens Hall

  • 04
    Wedding ceremony preparation

    · Prepared with partner companies

    · Sign Citizens Hall rental agreement, remit payment

    ※ Sign contract one month prior to wedding ceremony

  • 05
    Wedding ceremony

    · Main ceremony - Period: Once every

    · Sunday - Location: Citizens Hall, The Seoul Institute

  • 06
    Record, evaluation gathering

    · Check payment and other invoices

    · Submit wedding ceremony record and evaluation

    ※ Submit within one month after wedding ceremony

Wedding-ceremony Cooperative Firms of Citizens Hall

Number Name Tel Website
1 Green Wedding Forum +82-2-1577-8470 www.greenwed.org
2 Red-ito +82-2-517-2013 www.redito.co.kr
3 Vera-Wedding +82-2-516-7856 veraweddingbuffe.co.kr
4 Seoul Wedding Culture Cooperative +82-2-539-1253 www.lien.co.kr
5 Good-Nal +82-2-735-5775 www.facebook.com/goodnal