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Introduction to Citizens Hall

Citizens Hall, situated on the 1st and 2nd basement levels of Seoul City Hall, serves as a Citizens' lifestyle courtyard where citizens can create and share together. The hall is designed according to the principles of void' (emptiness) and flexibility in such a way as to accommodate various types of citizen-oriented activities such as discussions, exhibitions, performances, lectures, and play programs. Its Chinese name uses cheong (聽) meaning 'listening', rather than cheong (聽), meaning government office to express the idea of a courtyard where citizens' voices are heard and where ideas and opinions are shared between citizens.

Operating Hours

  • Summer Season (March - October): 9:00am-9:00pm
  • Winter Season (November - February): 9:00am-8:00pm
  • * Closed on January 1, Chinese New Year's Day, and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)
B-I Introduction

The brand identity (BI) of Citizens Hall uses an ‘ear' as its motif to express the hall's role as a venue of listening and communication. The sky-blue color, which symbolizes hope and truth, is used to express ‘the genuineness of the hall' which listens to the hopes of citizens.

Sneak view of fun activities

Performance Marketplace

Anyone can participate in Citizens Hall's performance programs. You can enjoy performances of Citizens Hall artists and special performers by making reservation through the Homepage or through on-site participation.

Energy Recharging Concert, Baseurak Concert, Saturdays Are for Visiting Citizens Hall (cheong (聽)). Sharing Housekeeping Market.

Special Exhibition

The exhibition of Citizens Hall consists of special and rental-base exhibition of various genres, such as animation, photos, robots, paintings, and buildings, ensuring visitors to enjoy a variety of exhibition in the same space.

Sound and video clip works

Educational Experience

Anyone can participate in the hands-on experience programs, including woodcraft and handcraft for adults and children animation on weekends through the Homepage's prior application.

Anyone can be an artist!, Kids Theater

Discussions and Lectures

Citizen participation programs provided for citizens to propose subjects, gather together to discuss social issues to create and improve better lifestyle.

'Sarangbang' Workshop, Talk about policy, Saturdays Are for visiting Citizens Hall (cheong (聽))

Citizens Hall Direction Assistance

Information Desk +82-2-739-7733

Tourism Information +82-2-739-7755

I Market Seoul U +82-2-2038-2114

Fair Trade Cafe +82-2-720-8604

Tongtong Tour* +82-2-2133-5637/63

Seoul Bookstore +82-2-739-7033

Tour Reservation - Reservation in advance is required through Seoul City's 'Dobo Travel’ website (dobo.visitseoul.net)

Location. 110 Sejong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Tel. +82-2-739-5814

Seoul City Hall Transportation


Line 1City Hall Exit No. #4

Line 2City Hall Exit No. #4

Line 2Euljiro 1-ga Station Exit No. #1 / Underground connection outlet to City Hall Station


· ShuttleJongno 09, Jongno 11

· Circular90s Tour, 91s Tour

· Airport6001, 6002, 6005, 6015, 6701

· Artery101, 150, 402, 405, 501, 506

· Branch Line172, 472, 504, 700, 1020, 1711, 7012, 7016, 7017, 7018, 7019, 7022, 7212, 8000

· Wide AreaM4101, M4102, M4108, M5107, M5115, M7106, M7111, 9703, 9714(Dead-heading), 9714

· General111, 1002

· Direct1000, 1100, 1150, 1200, 1900, 2000, 9001, 9003, 9300, 9301

· Express8100, 8600, 8880

* Please use public transportation due to lack of parking space.

* PARKING FEE : KRW 1,000 per 10-minutes daily (09:00-18:00), free on weekends

Parking Information

Please use public transportation as there is not enough parking spaces Vehicles that have the "Self Carfree Day" electronic tag attached on their windshield are allowed to use parking spaces. http://parking.seoul.go.kr/

※ [Self Carfree Day] The last-digit number system for out-of-town cars: Mon(1,6), Tue(2,7), Wed(3,8), Thur(4,9), fri(5,0)

· FEEKRW1,000 per 10-minute (The fee is imposed from 09:00-18:00 daily)

· Opening09:00 ~ 21:00

· LocationThe 4th Basement Level (101 parking lots)

· Tel +82-2-2133-5632

· Discounts and Exemptions

Type Discount
Compact or low-emission vehicles,
or the Multi-children Happy Card holder with three or more children.
The Multi-children Happy Card holder with two children.
Vehicles of the disabled
men of national merits,
patients suffering from defoliants.
Government vehicles with an official duty logo,
mass-media organization logos,
vehicles of lawmakers, members of the municipal assembly, councilors,
foreign envoys, foreign guests, vehicles for group tour, delivery and freight