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People of Citizens Hall

Citizens Hall is a space for citizens to design;

the Citizens Hall Operations Advisory Committee plat an important role, such as selection of a citizen planning group, recruiting of supporters to monitor and design Citizens Hall. Anyone who is positive and active can join a citizen planning group and become a supporter of Citizens Hall. Recruitment is open every year.

Citizens Hall Operations Advisory Committee

The committee is installed to give advice on issues that occur during operation and to ensure effective operation of Citizens Hall, for the citizens, and in the space of citizens.

Citizens Hall Citizens Planning Group

A variety of ideas displaying the power of citizens are projects of Citizens Hall.

Citizens equipped with planning skills based on fresh idea and various experiences can work as Citizen Hall Citizen Committee members.

Professionals from various fields are participating as mentors, and the Citizens Planning Group takes part independently in various operating processes, such as program suggestion, content development, on-site participation, and participation in various programs.

As of 2014, about 20 citizens are participating in the Citizens Planning Group in four subcommittees. They are divided into plaza, gallery, accompaniment, and communication subcommittees and led by professionals (advisory committee) and the Citizens Planning Group.